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Our family has always been fortunate to be able to care for each other's animals when one of us goes out of town. When we began to brainstorm about our business, we discussed what our wish list would be should we ever have to board our dogs. A big one for us is we cannot imagine our dogs being confined to a small pen with only 2-3 daily potty breaks and no exercise for the duration of their stay. We feel that dogs should be able to have the best of both worlds — a doggy day care atmosphere integrated with boarding.

Woof Pack Lodge was designed to be a true boutique canine boarding facility with the health, happiness and comfort of your dog(s) our main focus and our personal mission. Our many years of personal experience in the care and well-being of the dogs and other animals we have had in the past and currently, makes us a perfect fit for Woof Pack Lodge.  If you consider your pet dog as a member of your family, then this is the place you will want them to “vacation” while you are away!

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